Newquay Airport Parking


The Airport offers 544 places in 2 car parks situated either side of the Airport Terminal.
There are currently 10 designated parking spaces for the disabled which are located near the main terminal entrance.

There is currently no facility for pre booking of parking spaces, however, plans for online booking are being developed. There are also no specific bays allocated for motorcycles.

Upon arrival at the Airport access to either Car Park is made by pressing the green button at the entrance barrier machine and taking the white bar coded ticket issued. This ticket should be retained safely as it will be needed to exit the car park once payment has been made.

Payment cannot be made in advance and must be made immediately prior to returning to your vehicle at either of the paystations located just inside the Arrivals Hall. The original parking ticket should be inserted into the machine with the bar code facing upwards. The on screen instructions should then be followed to effect payment. Once payment has been confirmed, on the screen, the ticket should be removed and used to exit the car park by inserting it in the machine situated at either exit barrier.

If your stay is less than 15 mins there is no need to validate your ticket at the paystation as this period allocated for set down and pick up is FREE.

Payment for parking can be made at the paystations using any of the following methods:

Cash, Credit & Debit Cards to include: Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Maestro & Visa Debit



Up to 15 minutes

15 mins to 2 hours
£0.50 per half hour

2 to 3 hours

3 to 4 hours

4 to 6 hours

6 to 8 hours

8 to 12 hours

12 to 24 hours

Days 2 to 7
£5.50 per day
(Day 2 to 7 at this rate only)

Days 8 and beyond
£4.00 per day
(Day 8 and beyond at this rate only)

For example:

If you stay for 1 day (24 hours) you will be charged £8.00
If you stay for 5 days you will be charged £30.00 (8.00 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50)
If you stay for 10 days you will be charges £53.00 (8.00 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 5.50 + 4.00 + 4.00 + 4.00)
Please see the table below for full list of total cost of stay:

Duration Total Cost of Stay
1 Day £8.00
2 Days £13.50
3 Days £19.00
4 Days £24.50
5 Days £30.00
6 Days £35.50
7 Days £41.00
8 Days £45.00
9 Days £49.00
10 Days £53.00
11 Days £57.00
12 Days £61.00
13 Days £65.00
14 Days £69.00

The Public Car Parks are only open during normal Airport operating hours:

Open 05.00hrs Closed 22.30hrs

Open 06.00hrs Closed 22.30hrs

Vehicles and their contents are parked at owner's risk and no liability is accepted for any loss or damage to the vehicle or contents or persons, however caused.

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